The mission of Bloom is to awaken and nurture your inner artist. Too often we let the voices in our head get the best of us. We tell ourselves we aren't creative or we can't draw a straight line. Maybe these beliefs stem from a voice in our past, or from our own comparison to others. At Bloom Studio, we believe that everyone has a creative side, whether it is out in the open or hidden deep within, and it is our goal to awaken and nurture this creative part of your being.

Bloom Studio offers workshops and art parties facilitated by owner,  Meg Auchenbach. With six years in public school art education, Meg will walk you through a variety of mediums of your choice including painting, sign making, hand lettering, clay and jewelry. No art experience is required, as you will be guided through your project step by step. Schedule a party today, in our spacious Womelsdorf studio or in the comfort of your own home.

Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making


TYPES OF PARTIES: Step by step beginner paintings, Beginner jewelry projects, Intro to Brush Lettering and Modern Calligraphy, Intro to Hand Lettering, Rock Painting, Mandala Making. If there is another type of project you'd like to try, please let us know and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

PROJECTS: We are working on creating a DESIGN GALLERY to view projects, but for now please use our HOW TO BOOK feature to let us know what type of project you are interested in.

KID'S PARTIES: We love working with kids and offer step by step painting, rock painting and jewelry making. Choose from in home parties or come visit our Womelsdorf location. 


Step by Step Painting

Step by Step Painting


PRICE: Varies by type of workshop chosen. Includes step by step instruction and all materials needed to complete chosen project.

PAYMENT: Payment must be collected one week in advance. To make payment as easy as possible, we will email you a paypal link or create a custom listing on our website for you to purchase.

DURATION: 2-4 hours depending on project



10+ GUESTS (not including the host) AND THE HOST PAINTS FOR FREE

HOW IT WORKS: Choose your project and we will come to you! We will arrive early to set up and we will take care of all clean up so that you can fully enjoy your experience without the worry!

WHAT DO I NEED TO PROVIDE? Please provide chairs and tables with sufficient space for each guest to work and any refreshments you would like.


HOW IT WORKS: Parties and workshops will take place in our well-lit and spacious Womelsdorf studio. No need to drag out tables and chairs or worry about spilling paint on the floor, we've got it covered!

WHAT DO I BRING? Please bring any food or drink (yes, alcohol is totally ok!) you would prefer. We provide complimentary coffee and tea.

WHERE IS IT? Bloom Studio is located at 9 Tulpy View Drive, Womelsdorf PA. We sometimes have trouble appearing on a GPS, so we will email you detailed directions should you choose to participate in a party/workshop.


Modern Calligraphy / Brush Lettering

Modern Calligraphy / Brush Lettering


We are working on adding a BOOKING feature to our website, but for now please contact us by filling out the form below, letting us know what type of project you would like to create, whether it would be in home or at Bloom Studio, along with your dates of interest.

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